About MDS

Mewat is a distinct socio-cultural and ethnological region named after its predominant inhabitants, the Meos, claimed to be 'Rajputs' originally, they trace their descent to the Aryans, who invaded India and proudly call themselves 'chhatris', mainly spread over Meo concentrated contiguous villages of Haryana, Rajasthan, UP & Delhi. 

MDS was formed chiefly to minimise the existing the deprived socio-cultural and politico-economic plight of the people of Mewat through voluntary contributions. 

Our mission is to strengthen community-led local development (CLLD) initiatives to address socio-cultural, politico-economic, sustainable development and environmental issues for dignified life of deprived lot in Mewat.

We work to address issues related to subjects like agricultural productivity enhancement; educational, spiritual & cultural problems; local governance; promote research studies on social, science, technology, innovation & resources ; advocating women’s leadership; legal awareness and health issues.